Help to volunteers

Donate Ukraine, help to Ukrainians

We appeal to the citizens of all countries – Ukraine needs help today to survive in the war against Russia. The future of the whole world in Europe depends on the fate of Ukraine. Make your contribution to helping Ukraine. The site presents the main directions in which your help is needed first of all.

Help to volunteers

Since the beginning of the war, many Ukrainians have joined the ranks of volunteers, they have chosen to help their fellow citizens as their mission. They work on a voluntary basis, not pursuing economic benefits. But to help other people, not only enthusiasm and a kind heart are needed, but also material resources, thanks to which temporary shelters for displaced persons are built and equipped with everything necessary, evacuation of the population is carried out, humanitarian assistance is provided.

Help to refugees


You can help with housing, provide advice in your country on renting real estate or make a donation, for which places of residence will be equipped in Ukraine for people who have lost their homes due to the military actions of the Russian army.


If you are an employer, you can hire a Ukrainian to work in your company. Ukrainians are very hardworking and talented people.


You can assist in the evacuation of the population from the border of Ukraine to your country: buses, cars, gasoline, drivers are needed.

Humanitarian aid

If you are a manufacturer of food, clothing or essential goods, send a humanitarian cargo of your products to Ukraine to help people in need. Contacts and instructions for actions can be found on the official website of the Government of Ukraine If you are a private person, you can bring useful things to the nearest aid collection point in your city or transfer a small amount of support.

Support to army

The Ukrainian army needs qualified military personnel who have combat experience. A special international legion has been created for such military personnel. You can join and come to Ukraine, all the necessary information is available on the official website of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

Action in your city

You can support the Ukrainian people, to do this, take part in an action that takes place in your city, the schedule of events can be found on the website

Ukrainians see and appreciate your support.

Share the truth about war

Read the news on our website and share the truth about the war on social networks Facebook and Twitter. The world should know about Russia’s crimes, these actions should be punished. Join the sanctions against Russia, boycott Russian companies and goods.