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A lot of Ukrainian children survived the horrors of the war, they hid in bomb shelters from artillery shelling and woke up from explosions and sirens. To get back to normal life, they need psychological help. To rehabilitate children who suffered psychological trauma during the war, a Hibuki toy was invented in Israel.

Hibuki is a stuffed dog with a sad face and very long arms. The children are told that Hibuki is in the same plight as themselves, so she is so sad and needs to be comforted. The idea is to transfer the child’s emotions to the toy and give the child a certain degree of control. When children play with Hibiki, they receive psychological therapy. The method based on the game helps children quickly cope with stress and returns them to normal life.

Our goal is to give Hibuki to Ukrainian children for rehabilitation from the psychological traumas of war.

And we need your help to make it happen!

$120,000 to buy 10,000 pcs Hibuki toys

$120,000 to buy
10,000 pcs Hibuki toys

Hibuki is the brainchild of Professor Avi Sadeh from Tel Aviv University of Psychology. This toy was developed in 2006 for the purpose of psychological assistance to Israeli children who have suffered the horrors of war. Avi Sadeh administers the program on behalf of the Joint Distribution Committee-Israel’s Ashalim program for at-risk children and youth, along with psychotherapist Flora Mor, a project director specializing in trauma at Ashalim and the Israeli Education Ministry.

About 60,000 Israeli children have received a Hibuki toy since then — during the two previous Gaza conflicts, the 2010 Carmel fire, and other disasters.

The first batch of 1000 toys was distributed in Ukraine in just a few days. Orphanages, psychological rehabilitation centers, and ordinary citizens ask us for more such toys. Now our goal is to bring 10,000 toys to Ukraine.
Ukrainian children need psychological help

The team of psychologists of the Hibuki project

Children who already have a true friend Hibuki, brought smiles back to their faces and restored faith in goodness.

continued thanks to your support

continued thanks to your support

Every $12 is a savior friend for another child. You can help too …